Amber Industries Carts(Min Order 15 Carts) $25.00


Amber industries may not be as well-known as other prefilled cartridges, but if you’re lucky enough to have access to them you’re in for a treat. Amber Industries Carts(Min Order 15 Carts), These are some of the tastiest prefilled cartridges on the market, and their tastiness doesn’t dampen their potency. The carriages typically have between 80-90% THC. It doesn’t require too much vaping before you can find yourself heavily medicated, this is thanks in part to their fractional distillation process.

While the THC oil in these prefilled cartridges may be clear, tasty and potent, we did find that a small amount of product was wasted at the end. A thin layer never evaporated, but perhaps this is a small price to pay for a delicious vape. The vaping device produces enormous, voluminous clouds, perfect for making your love of THC known to the community. This may be thanks to the much thicker textured oil in the cartridge. If you can find it, grab this prefilled cartridge.



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