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THC 80% – 85% Grade AAA, Budder takes on the space between wax and crumble with a consistency that resembles peanut butter. Budder Dab (Min Order:1 Ounce)This form is made by. Amid the flock of concentrates, how do we decipher badders, batters and budders from the bunch? The difference between badder and batter is simple: spelling and the manufacturer’s personal preference. Whether one chooses to spell it “badder” or “batter” is very subjective.

While some processors have been able to make these textures out of solventless rosin, most Badders/Batters and Budders are extracts made with the use of solvents. Budder retains a smooth, creamy butter consistency, while badder maintains a slightly different consistency. Budder concentrates can be made using trim, cured nugs, or a freshly harvested plant. Both concentrates undergo nearly identical extraction processes that often result in a soft texture with a wet terpene-gloss.



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