Flight Farms Carts(Min Order 15 Carts) $25.00


Flight Farms cartridge contains lab tested solvent free THC Oil, free from all pesticides. Setting new standards in quality, health safety & technology. Flight Farms Carts(Min Order 15 Carts), Flight Farms cartridges are filled with high potency THC oil enhanced with natural with natural terpenes loaded into a revolutionary cartridge core that delivers a superior vaping experience.Available in 500mg

There’s a reason there’s an entire public education campaign around starting with an edible that equals just 5 milligrams of THC. That’s because it takes a while for marijuana-infused foods to unleash their magic, and it’s all too easy to consume too much before that happens. But trust us: Start with and stick to a single 5-milligram serving until the high hits you. After all, you can always eat another dose after if the high isn’t strong enough – but if you’ve already eaten too much and find yourself overly stoned, try as you might (and yes, you will try) you won’t be able to find a reverse button.



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