Golden Vape Cart(Min Order 15) $30.00


Sip on gold with a Golden Oil premium distillate cartridges crafted to inspire bliss. The mission is lifestyle enhancement with premium extracted cannabis oils, high-quality edibles, and fresh flowers. Golden Vape Cart(Min Order 15), All choices lead to gold each Golden Oil product is exceptionally crafted and provided in state-of-the-art delivery systems.Reimagine your cannabis experience and enjoy Golden Oil.

Green Dot Labs believes in the “quality in, quality out” approach to making products. These ethos have won the company numerous awards for its concentrates that serve both medicinal and recreational users. Green Dot’s Full Spectrum Extract cartridgese mbody the brand’s vision with over 150 unique and exciting strains to choose from. Each cartridge provides the consumer with robust flavor and an experience similar to that of traditional dabbing. Even better? These pens are 100% additive free and contain only uncut live resin extracted from whole cannabis plants. If you’re a fan of flavorful, full-bodied experiences, then Green Dot is the vape cartridge for you.



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