Green Dot Labs(Min Order 15) $35.00


The concentrate is extracted at an even colder temperature using 99.9% pure n-Butane at -90°C (or -130°F). Because n-Butane works at low temperature and low pressure, this process doesn’t alter the color, flavor, or potency of the extracted oil. Green Dot Labs(Min Order 15), The result is a raw essential oil that has the exact same form as the oils in the living cannabis plant.

From seed to sauce we take every measure to ensure our genetics are fresh and exciting, our plants vigorous and
healthy, and our extracts clean. Green Dot Labs was the first Colorado concentrate brand to build safe indoor
hydrocarbon extraction facilities. Every single gram of Green Dot Labs extracts are made with whole plants, providing
you with whole plant cannabis medicine. This means more flavor and more medicinal value for the consumer, whether
med or rec. Moreover, we do varietal specific extracts, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase our
extracts, and you can read about the varietal of your choice at Years of experience have given
our growers immense cannabis, genetics, and cultivation knowledge. Our plants thrive under their expert care with
colors, aromas, and plant structure you won’t find anywhere else. Our belief has always been Quality In, Quality Out and
our extraction process begins with the finest cannabis available.



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