Stankwoods Pre-rolls(Min Order 20)Exotic Pods(Min Order 15) Ginger Dank Nugs(Min Order 5 Cans) $45.00


Feast your eyes on these unique and striking gourmet chocolates; Coco Nugs created by Ginger Dank. Crafted to resemble perfect nugs of cannabis, each of the 10 “buds” contains 35mg of THC. Ginger Dank Nugs(Min Order 5 Cans), They acquire their chocolate from a source that selects the most quality cocoa beans from all around the world to ensure a premium chocolate experience. This is a perfect product for both cannabis and chocolate lovers, who appreciate a little twist.Choose from an assortment of delicious flavors! ”

It used to be that edibles got me intensely high or I felt nothing at all. But since legalization, edibles have come a long way, baby—in the quality of flavors, in the standardization of doses, and in the range of foods available. That gross weed aftertaste that I remember from my college years is now long gone: I didn’t detect it in any of the products I tried. But which of them tasted the most delicious? How stoned did they make me feel? What did the friends I shared them with think? A taste test was in order.

Seattle-based American Baked Co. has been on my savory radar ever since I bit into their mouthwatering cheddar-cheese crackers, so I was excited to try their tomato basil soup. You get a powdered mix of tomato, dried milk, onion, carrot, basil, and other herbs and spices packaged in a small box. “An obvious camping companion,” says their website, since you just add two cups of hot water and you’re good to go.

Or so I thought! My first attempt at making weed soup was using boiled water in the microwave at work. (My colleague Heidi Groover, watching nearby, called it “the most Stranger thing that ever happened.”) The powder didn’t quite seem to dissolve, and the whole thing looked grainy and tasted bland. Then I remembered the advice of my budtender, who said he liked to add a dash of white wine. Another coworker suggested I doll it up with a touch of cream. So on my second attempt, I did both, which seemed to do the trick. The soup was pretty good! Campbell’s-level good, not DeLaurenti-level good. But still! Weed soup!



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